Welcome to Rolfs Kök

At Rolfs Kök we want our guests to feel well taken care of and to be served good food. Our philosophy is plainness and quality. The food is served without flourish. The founder Rolf had an idea to invite the guest in the creation of the dish, instead of just being served from a closed-up kitchen. That’s why the kitchen is completely open and from the bar you can follow the process of how a dish get’s made. Part-owner, and member of the Swedish Culinary team, Johan Jureskog creates together with the head chef Johan Andersson, a menu where the season’s flavours are clearly shown. All ingredients are carefully chosen to create the best quality and we work with near-by producers as far as possible.

In the dining-room you will be taken care of by the part-owner and restaurant manager Klas Ljunquist. Together with the sommelier Björn Olausson, he has made suggestions for every dish. Klas and Björn are also in charge of the big wine cellar with 450 different wine

Johan Jureskog och Klas Ljungquist

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